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Sage Pork Loin on a Harvest Table
Sage Pork Loin on a Harvest Table

Recipe inspired by Suga, Heart FM

A magical recipe to entertain and treat your friends. Because everyone who knows a chef or foody expects only the best when they are invited to lunch.

Recipe time: 35min
Serves: 6



Pork loin


500 g

Eskort Pork Loin Roast

20-30 g

fresh sage


fresh plums or figs


olive oil




salt and pepper


labneh cheese or your favourite store-bought full cream (cream cheese)

To make your own Labneh Cheese


500 ml

double thick Greek yogurt

Pear chutney



pears, unpeeled

80 ml


100 ml

caster sugar

50 ml


50 ml





whole butternut

20 ml

Marsala spice



2 bunches

table grapes


mixed leaves

250 ml


20 ml

lemon juice

5 ml

vanilla essence



5 ml

Dijon mustard


juice from half a lemon

10 ml



  • Preheat your oven to 180°C.

  • Dress the Eskort Loin roast with olive oil, salt and pepper.

  • In a heated pan sear, the loin on the fat side first until golden brown. Turn the loin over and add the sage leaves with the plums and simmer until loin is browned on both sides.

  • Pop the pan into the oven and roast for 20 - 30minutes.

  • Slice your butternut in half and remove the seeds. Slice the butternut halves into fingersand brush with olive oil, melted butter and Marsala spice.

  • Bake for 15 - 20 minutes until soft but still firm.

For the chutney:

  • Slice leeks thinly and fry with some olive oil in a saucepan.

  • Cut the pears into slices and add the caster sugar, water and vinegar to the saucepan and simmer over a low heat till the pears are cooked but still firm.

To serve:

  • Leave the loin to rest for two to three minutes before you slice it.

  • Serve the pear chutney on top of the Labneh cheese.

  • Dress the fresh bowl of leaves with the vanilla dressing.

  • Serve the butternut at room temperature with the baked and fresh fruits.

Recipe Meal Types: - Roasts - Mother's Day Special - Lunch - Dinner - Entertaining
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