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10 Ways to Jazz up Hot Dogs
10 Ways to Jazz up Hot Dogs

1.     Doritos Crunch Dog
Add crushed Doritos and some mayonnaise.

2.     Holy Guacomole
Mash up some avo and add chopped red onions.

3.     Double Whammy
Wrap and fry the Viennas in Eskort Streak Bacon and serve with tomato sauce

4.     Slaw Dog
Get some store-bought coleslaw or make your own for this tasty version!

5.     American Style
A generous spread of Dijon mustard and sliced gherkin completes this idea.

6.     Philly Dog
Chopped spring onions and a thick layer of cream cheese (preferably Philadelphia).

7.     Gourmet Grilled Cheese
Add some mozzarella and fried chopped bacon to your hot dog, grill in the oven for about 10 minutes and serve while still hot!

8.     The Italian
Chop up some cherry tomatoes, add rocket, pesto and parmesan for this delish dish.

9.     Sweet & Sticky
Caramelise a chopped white onions with some brown sugar and olive oil. Add balsamic glaze for that extra zing!

10.  Hawaiian
Sweet and tangy – chopped pineapple and some flavoured mayo.

Watch the video here: 10 Ways to Jazz Up Hot Dogs

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Eskort Red Viennas

Eskort Smoked Viennas

Eskort Chicken Viennas

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