To many of our loyal customers, Eskort Butchery in Heidelberg is like a second home. Many travel from as far afield as the East Rand, the Vaal triangle, even Swaziland to purchase the delicious products that they have come to know and trust.

Eskort Butchery is situated next door to the Eskort Production Unit in Prinsloo Street, Heidelberg. So shoppers are assured of the freshest pork cuts in addition to the variety offered in the Eskort branded range. Add to that, 'Factory Shop' prices, a clean environment with good service, a ready to eat counter, biltong counter and related service products that include cheese, cold drinks, snacks, sauces and more.

For the convenience of bulk buyers, Eskort Butchery in Heidelberg offers a Bulk Sales facility designed specifically to meet the needs of the bulk buyer in terms of bulk (and catering) packs, loading facilities, pre-ordering and more.

Eskort Butcheries stock the complete range of delicious Eskort branded products, a selection of prepared hams and an extensive range of smoked and fresh meat that includes gammons, eisbein, kassler rolls and chops, fresh pork chops, roasts, marinated and smoked pork ribs, marinated pulled pork, braai sensations and seleted beef and chicken cuts. Lard is also available at our Butcheries.

Other Eskort Butcheries are situated at FOODHUB Silverton, Pretoria (Gauteng), at FOODHUB Mbombela (Nelspruit) and at Estcourt KZN.

Contact details:

Tel: 016 340 4635 or 016 340 4600

Address: Prinsloo Street, Heidelberg. GPS: 26º30’41.10” S, 28º22’31.81” E.

Butchery - Open: Mon: 08.00 - 16.00; Tues - Fri: 08.00 - 17.30; Sat & Public Holidays: 07.30 - 13.00. Closed: Sundays, 25 & 26 Dec and 1 Jan.
Bulk Sales - Open: Mon: 08.00 - 15.45; Tues - Fri: 08.00 - 16.45; Sat & Public Holidays: 07.30 - 12.45. Closed: Sundays, 25 & 26 Dec and 1 Jan.

Tel: +27 (0)16 340 4635

Bulk facilities available.


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