Glasses to use: Tumbler


2 x Shots (25ml) Cane
¼ or a third of a Shot of Cachaça
Fresh Lime
Brown Sugar
Crushed Ice


Cut limes into thick slices and then quarter the slices. Muddle lime quarters and 1 heaped teaspoon of brown sugar in a short glass (tumbler) until lime juices have squirted out and become puply and has mixed to "paste" with sugar. Don't crush the lime skin.

Now add Cane and Cachaça and fill the glass with crushed ice. Mix well.

Add a sprinkling of (± ¼ teaspoon) extra brown sugar on top and swirl.
If the drink is too strong add more sugar to taste.

For a Banting/healthier option, try the following:

Instead of using brown sugar, try using some honey instead! It will lower the sugar content of your drink but still be as tasty.