Ingredients: Pork, Water (15%), Salt, Phosphates, Dextrose, Yeast extract, Spice extracts, Preservative (Sodium nitrite), Sugar, Flavouring.

Consume within 2 days of opening.
Suitable for home freezing. Do not refreeze once thawed.

Cooking Guidelines are approximate and may vary with appliances. Remove packaging prior to cooking. There are numerous methods of preparing Gammon - you will find a number of the more popular under recipes on This is a popular glazed Gammon recipe.

  • Place gammon in a large pot and add all the ingredients except the mustard, brown sugar and cloves.

  • Cover and boil slowly for approximately 60 minutes.

  • Remove the pot from the heat, keeping the lid on, and allow to cool slightly.

  • Preheat the oven to 200° C. Remove the gammon from the pot and remove the rind, leaving the layer of fat.

  • Slice a diamond pattern into the fat layer and stud with cloves.

  • Spread the gammon with the mustard and press the brown sugar into the mustard.

  • Bake until the layer of brown sugar turns caramel brown. Serve warm.