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If you live in Gauteng, join us at this wonderful festival for great school rugby, hockey and your favourite Rib Burgers, delicious Cheese Griller Rolls and Bacon & Egg Rolls! For more information, click on the image, or click here.



Try these New and Delicious Eskort Products

Two delicious new Eskort products for you to treat your family.

Whether you're cooking a meal, preparing a snack, serving cocktails or looking for a favourite new lunch-box treat, you need look no further.

Eskort Mini Cheese Grillers offer all of the unique woodsmoked flavour of the popular Eskort Cheese Griller but with added bite size convenience. Yummy yum, yum.

And Mini Frikkadels are the greatest. Keep a box in the freezer and know that you are never more than 15 minutes away from the tastiest of tasty snacks. That's because Mini Frikkadels are pre-cooked for your convenience and easily heated from frozen. With 20 Frikkadels per box, there's more than enough to go around. Available now.

An Appreciative Email Received from a Valued Customer

Everyday we receive thousands of emails. And then one day, we receive an email that touches the hearts of everybody that works at Eskort. Why? Because this is what we strive for. This is what we mean when we say 'Freshness & Quality Since 1917' and what we mean when we say Eskort, Life's Delicous. Thank you Mr van der Merwe. And thank you each and every one of our valued customers!

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Eskort Random Act of Kindness

Following on the generous Eskort Gives Back initiative, Eskort was recently challenged to perform a Random Act of Kindness - a local business initiative that turns the controversial #NEKNomination into an act that benefits those that are less fortunate.

To take a look to see how Eskort responded, click here, or to see some of the excitement, click here.


FOODHUB Silverton, Pretoria. Great Food, Great Prices and home of the new Eskort Butchery

To take a peek inside Eskort Butchery, Sea Harvest Factory Shop and Farm to Kitchen at FOODHUB in Silverton, Pretoria, click here.

For information about Eskort Butchery and a map to FOODHUB Silverton, click here.

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